After years of complaining about trying to find a company that would allow us this type of flexibility in our work environment, we finally decided to develop it ourselves. We created Flexible Executives to offer a better balance between our corporate lives and our personal lives, and we hope to share that reality with each of you!

We had so many bright, talented friends who had given up their careers to raise their children or pursue other interests, that we wondered what would happen if we could harness those talents and put them back on the market with a more realistic approach at time management. Giving up your career is a huge step, and Flexible Executives allows its employees to keep his/her resume current and keep up with his/her industry without the daily pressures of the corporate structure.

No more sending emails from your desk late at night just to prove to your boss that you were putting in some extra hours! No more lengthy business trips that take you away from home for two days for two real hours of business. We don't care when you work, or how much you work as long as quality and reliability remains a top priority.

Small and mid-size businesses now have access to talent that perhaps they could not have afforded in the traditional corporate structure. And big firms use us as an outsourcing solution when they are working on large projects. Flexible Executives offers a win-win solution for all involved. We are honored you have taken the time to learn about our company and encourage you to contact us with any questions.


Jamie Pennington & Cammi Jones
Founders, Flexible Executives

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