Flexible Executives are seasoned professionals with a minimum of 10 years in their area of expertise. They value flexibility and variety in work assignments. They enjoy working in challenging and changing environments.

Flexible Executives offers an opportunity to maintain an executive identity and work on executive level projects, many of which are done from home. If you have been trying to juggle corporate and family life and find yourself struggling with the balance, Flexible Executives may be the perfect solution! There is a one-time $300.00 application fee, which is non-refundable to apply to join our network.

Some of the Flexible Executives benefits include:

  • Web-based personal calendar and email account
  • Flexible Executives business cards (150 imprinted with title and contact information)
  • Flexible Executives letterhead and envelopes
  • W-9 tax status
  • Financial planning through Citigroup's Smith Barney division
  • Discounted rates with some of the best nanny agencies in the country for last minute in-home childcare.
  • Access to potential clients across the globe
  • Flexible Executives coordinates all billing, and payments - offering one tax form at year-end for all your projects
  • Business Gold Membership from Regus - a one year complimentary membership to this program is included in your one-time application fee. This membership is valued at $300.00 per year

Flexible Executives usually work from home offices via a virtual office relationship with clients. Sometimes, our Executives travel to a customer site and, on rare occasions, can physically work at a customer site if they are willing to do so. Each Executive is able to work with clients in their respective local areas as well as anywhere we do business.

Flexible Executives has a partnership with The Regus Group Plc., the world's largest provider of fully furnished and equipped offices. If you are a Flexible Executive, an office is a phone call away in all 50 states and any of 333 nations worldwide.


  • Applicants submit an application on-line and pay a one-time $300.00 USD, non-refundable application fee to cover the administrative costs associated with reviewing and verifying information, interviewing references and performing background checks.
  • A phone interview with Flexible Executives senior officers is conducted as are reference interviews.
  • Once approved, the applicant receives a welcome packet that includes Flexible Executives letterhead, personalized business cards and a web-based personal calendar that indicates when you are available to work.
  • As a Flexible Executive, your coded profile is entered into our database for employer consideration. You are personally represented by company officers who actively seek to match you with appropriate assignments.
  • Flexible Executives represents a variety of industries, offering a one-stop shop for our customers. If you have any concerns about your background being a good fit for our company, please email your resume to

Please review our FAQs section to answer any specific questions you may have, or feel free to contact us directly.

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