Flexible Executives represent a vast array of professional services to our clients. If you can do what you do via conference calls and email, we are willing to consider adding you and your profession to our network. Averaging 18 years experience, we currently offer executives in the following areas:

Advertising consultants
PR consultants

Business Consultants: increasing profitability, reducing costs, implementing and recommending processes, organizing and creating structure

Implementing and recommending processes, organizing andcreating structure
HR Consultants
Creative Services: Logo creation, web-design
IT Consultants
Web Site Services: Interactive Experience, Programming, Critique
Graphic Designers: Creation of Printed Materials
Market Research/Competitive Analysis

Writers: Technical and Creative

Management Consulting

If you have any questions about the services we offer, please call us directly to discuss your background in more detail. Also, please feel free to email us your resume for review at

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