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Some current job postings could include:

  • Contract Lawyer - We are currently looking for a keen contract lawyer to review a new lease for corporate space. We hope to retain someone who has at least 5 years experience in this field and want a thorough review of the contract as well as negotiating suggestions to improve terms. $200 p/hr.
  • Marketing Executive - Small start up financial services firm is seeking a seasoned marketing executive to develop a one year marketing plan for our company to increase its profile among the investment community and ultimately its asset base. Rates are negotiable. Prefer to have a telephone interview with the top three candidates we choose.
  • Contract Lawyer - Need a lawyer to look over a 14 page employment contract to join a new medical practice in Atlanta, GA. Someone with experience negotiating medical contracts would be preferred. $150 p/hr.
  • Marketing Executive - Looking for a candidate with a strong background in sales and marketing to help develop the launch of a new skin care line. Experience in the wellness and beauty would be a plus. Need help coordinating marketing materials as well as developing a cost-effective advertising and PR campaign.
  • Creative Writer - Calling someone creative! Looking for someone with a mind for rhyming as we launch a new brand of greeting cards targeting the holiday season. Experience in creative writing, poetry or creative advertising would be a plus.
  • Attorney - We are launching a new business and need a lawyer with big firm experience to assist us with the articles of incorporation and the partnership agreement. At least 5+ years experience in this area is required. This is the beginning of our process and would like to form an alliance with the right person who could serve as our attorney on an as-needed basis.
  • Tax Attorney - We are looking for a tax attorney to set up a trust and help us manage estate issues in Georgia. We would like someone with 10 years experience in this field. Would also like to create living wills.
Disclaimer: The jobs listed above represent the type of work and projects that are offered by employers through Flexible Executives. It in no way guarantees that these jobs will be available at the same terms or rates.

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