from Employers and Applicants

Without Flexible Executives, there is no way I could have gotten my company up and running as quickly and cost effectively. The quality of the work and professionalism can’t be beat.
-CA, New York
Small Business Owner

I had used Flexible Executives for our corporate logo, website and marketing. When I called back to see if they could refer me to a company to build a custom software program, I was blown away that they could do that as well. It is the best solution source for small businesses I can find.
-KA, New Jersey

I used a lawyer for half the price I used to pay her when she was at her big law firm. Did I mention that it’s the same lawyer? The value proposition at F/E can’t be beat.
-JR, Atlanta
Business Owner

We have been very pleased with the level of service and execution from Flexible Executives. Their sales/marketing team assisted us with a product launch that exceeded sale expectations by 20%.
-JP, Washington DC
Business Owner

The best thing about Flexible Executives is that they can handle projects from conception to completion. They were able to execution within budget and on time. I would recommend them to anyone.
-AM, Las Vegas
Business Owner

As a mother of 3yr old twins with special needs my schedule is unpredictable at times. Flexible Executives allows for that because you work on projects when YOU have time, as long as deadlines are met. I'm glad I found a legitimate company that allows me to work from home and tend to my family's daily needs.
-MC, Atlanta
Web Graphic Designer

We partner with companies on both strategic and tactical levels. We can offer high level insights and advice, but we are very practical and hands-on when it comes to planning and implementing project work as well. That's why we felt we fit in so well with Flexible Executives!
-SJ, Chicago

When I quit my corporate job, I felt like a little piece of me had been taken away. Flexible Executives allows me to be a lawyer, while making the school plays and soccer games. This company is redefining working from home.
-MH, Dallas

When our child was diagnosed with Autism, the world changed forever. I gave up my job to take care of him, which really strained our family financially. When I heard of Flexible Executives I thought it was too good to be true. I get to be here for my son, and earn money to help pay for his therapies. I am so thankful for this company!
-BC, Atlanta
Financial Consultant

After I took an early retirement package, I missed the action. Being a Flexible Executive allows me to still be involved with young companies and give back without having to make a full-time commitment. It’s the best decision I have made it years.
-JD, San Francisco

It was one of the few companies that allowed me to work from home without having to resort to telemarketing or internet scams. I get to do what I have been trained to do for the past ten years – from home!
-JP, Atlanta

A lot of times, as President of a small and fast-growing company, I needed some assistance but I didn't want the time consuming hassle of looking for then interviewing a bunch of independent consultants who I hadn't worked with before and whose capabilities I wasn't familiar with. If I could have just made ONE phone call, reviewed some profiles, picked the person who seemed the most capable (and backed by the FE organization), I think that I would have been more inclined to use outsiders for project work.
-SJ, Chicago

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