When Should I use a Flex Exec: Whenever a company needs expertise in a certain field without adding significant fixed costs. Our executives can serve as "on-demand" marketing departments, IT departments, advertising consultants, etc.

Why Should I Use a Flexible Executive? In a word: VALUE. Our network gives businesses access to experts at a fraction of cost traditional firms would charge. By eliminating the burden of overhead, you pay for the expertise - not for the expensive decor.

Utilize the Power of Outsourcing: One of the biggest challenges business owners face is trying to do everything themselves in an effort to save money. However, time away from your business costs you more than money - it costs you opportunity. Flexible Executives allows businesses to focus on growth with a network of seasoned executives available as needed.

Pricing: Our specialists work on an hourly or per/project basis, whichever
works better for the customer and all budgets can be capped not to exceed a certain amount. We want to grow your revenues without exceeding your budget.

We currently offer specialists in the following areas:

Advertising consultants
PR consultants
Business Consultants: increasing profitability, reducing costs,
Implementing and recommending processes, organizing andcreating structure
HR Consultants
Creative Services: Logo creation, web-design
IT Consultants
Web Site Services: Interactive Experience, Programming, Critique
Graphic Designers: Creation of Printed Materials
Market Research/Competitive Analysis
Writers: Technical and Creative
Management Consulting

If you have any questions about the services we offer, please call us directly to discuss your project in more detail. Also, please feel free to email us your resume for reviewat

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